Sunday, February 14, 2016

Podcast, Episode 3!

Podcast #3 is posted!  Give it a listen!

This week's episode is a conversation with Wil Cramer, the manager of West Stride, a great specialty running store here in Atlanta.

We talk about . . .

-The benefits of shopping at a running specialty store vs. a department store or buying on the internet;
-The emerging trends in shoes and gear;
-The difference between expensive shoes and less expensive shoes;
-What folks should look for if they're buying running shoes but not actually planning to run in them;
-Which shoes you should choose and which shoes you should wear to race if you have orthotics;
-The effect of the minimalism movement on runners and on running shoes;
-The effectiveness of compression socks;
-Things to consider if you're constantly getting blisters;
-What West Stride in particular has done to promote women's running;

Here's the link to the study that I mentioned in the conversation. It was a conducted over the course of 22 weeks in Luxembourg, using more than 250 runners. About 40% of the participants were "single shoe wearers," defined as people who wore the same shoes for 91% of their runs. The remainder had a primary pair of shoes that they wore for a little over 50% of their runs, but they alternated through an average of 3.8 pairs of shoes. Over the study period, they found that runners in this latter group had a 39% lower risk of injury.

Here's the link to the retrospective on Matt Tegenkamp.

Here's the link to my wife's new travel planner Facebook page.  As I said, she's focusing on helping athletes travel to races. She has access to resources that you might not have access to, including numbers for sold-out Disney races!  One additional thing: there is no additional charge for utilizing her services. You can also send her an email if you are interested.

And finally, here's a series of photos of the clothing that Kanye West designed with Adidas.  Among them are the Yeezy Boost shoes:

We'll see if they meet West Stride's standards.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for the visits and likes on the Facebook page!

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