Sunday, March 27, 2016

Podcast, Episode 9!

Episode 9 of the Most Pleasant Exhaustion podcast it out! Give it a listen!  

In this episode, we catch up on a lot of things: the Kyle Pease Foundation at the Publix Marathon and Half-Marathon, an email from Wil Cramer from West Stride, some tips from Stacy Perlis from Wahoo Fitness, my injury and ESWT recovery, the effects of turmeric and bromelain, the World Half Marathon Championships, and the new book about Emil Zatopek.

To see the photo of Geoffrey Kamroror and Goye Adola falling over at the start of the World Half Marathon Championships, click here.  You can read's recount of the race here.

To read the lengthy excerpt from Richard Askwith's new book, Today We Die a Little, about Emil Zatopek, click here.  

Thanks for listening!

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