Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm having a hard time getting motivated today. There are two reasons. First, I have basically the same ride on my schedule that I did yesterday: a three-hour ride with a few surges thrown in. There's not a lot of excitement there. (And three hours is not a short period of time by any absolute standard. Cycling, unlike most sports, takes SO MUCH TIME.) This is magnified by the fact that I'm not doing what I wanted to be doing today: racing in Greenville. I realized this morning that there was a race today in sunny Albany, GA, and I could have gone to that. Doh!
Second, it's a bit cold. I've grown quickly accustomed to temperatures of over sixty degrees, even though it's only the beginning of March. Today, it's a windy 45. I realize that that is not really all that cold--I've lived in very cold climates, and I've had days on my bike where my bottles froze and I was unable to feel my fingertips for two days. 45 will give me no such issues. But at 45, I'm going to have to wear a jacket and thicker gloves. Yuck.

At times like these, I enjoy this video:

Of the 1.85 million hits this video has gotten, I probably account for a couple thousand. My favorite part is when he stands up at 4:12 into the video. Too bad I don't have any mountains to climb today.

Okay, time to suit up and head out.

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